In the Midst of Beauty

Why all the pictures and why the name, 'In the Midst of Beauty'?

I love composing a photo such that others can see exactly what I see when I see it. For a season, I had the immense joy and pleasure of working with a photographer as her right hand for about 3 seasons (maybe a smidge more than that).  Now I'm FINALLY feeling like I'm beginning to understand the extent of what photography can offer my life. I have invested in a modest DSLR camera kit and I've purchased a few different lens for it. It's absolutely one of the many favorite things in my life and it allows me to really capture the beauty I see.

As I've grown more and more comfortable behind the camera I am realizing what a precious gift it is to capture the 'breath of God' in a photograph. Whether it be my kids, a great steaming meal, nature, beautiful people around me, laughter, or the way sunlight hits a flower. Just recently as I was taking pictures in nature I was overwhelmed by creation and its beauty and I really felt like I was being given the gift of capturing a unique moment that only I could show in the way I saw it.

So thus came the name of this blog 'In the Midst of Beauty.' As you progress through my blog you will see every day things, and every day happenings but my lessons and challenges are to see those things for the beauty that they bring to my life. I don't 'have' to but I 'get' to be in the midst of them.

Photos and their presentation are pretty important to me. So much so that I spent a pretty fair amount of time adjusting the template of this blog in order to present my pictures in a bit larger format, for your viewing pleasure of course. :)

I spend my days as a teacher and just love the opportunity to learn more about photography in my spare time, it offers me a fun challenge and deep satisfaction. I will be sharing pictures and suggestions on my blog as I progress through my journey of learning. As you can see by the 'categories' section of my blog you can jump straight to the posts that are pretty photography focused.

Thanks for reading!