Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Like a kid at Christmas!

My teacher planner arrived this past Saturday. I waited very patiently for a little over two weeks. It was WELL worth it. When the Fedex truck arrived I sang, "IT'SSSS HEERE!!!" Mountain Man just stared and shook his head as I frolicked to the front door. I then proceeded to unwrap the planner with all its contents.
A couple things to be aware of about this beautiful piece of planning material. There is NO detail overlooked, everything down to the way the planner is packaged in the box has been thought about and presented to me, the customer, with care. Coming from a former event planner who is a little obsessed about every detail, I was incredibly impressed.  The planner starts at $50.00, it's important to know that in advance. In my opinion it's worth the front-end investment, especially since two hefty coupons for future purchases came with the planner. Also being a small business, and 'green' conscious, the planners are made to order. So, you place your order and then they design your planner, they print the basic amount of pages plus add any special requests you may have made. So, when you consider the small business you're supporting, the fact that the carbon footprint is lower because they are made to order plus it's an online storefront, the personalization, care of ALL details, and the coupons...$50.00 (for me) is doable and worth a shot.

Let the obscene amount of pictures begin!

See what I mean?   DETAILS!

It was even somewhat gift wrapped 

All the goodies!
My order included, the planner, two attachable bookmarks, an adhesive pen holder, and pens. Imagine my surprise when they included a few freebies!!! A sample pack of adhesive labels with my name...

Here it is! The cover is a very thick laminated material that appears to be incredibly durable and will last the year without any problem. I know it's covered here but I especially love the personalization on the cover, it looks really sharp!

Here you can get an idea of how thick the planner is. It's about the thickness of a 4 subject notebook, very manageable.


The student absence log. 

The grade book section. I added pages, for a small fee, to this section. 

Formatted graph pages to draw out your schematic for desk/seating arrangements

Here is the month at a glance section. The dates on the months are not pre-printed, which is good and bad. The planner can be purchased very far in advance and saved to be used until the appropriate time, because it's not date specific. On the other hand having to hand write the dates in the calendar creates a lot of room for human error. So I recommend you write the dates in pencil first then go back over them with your choice of marker or pen, and notice I'm not showing your February :(.

This is the attachable bookmark, you can place it in any part of the planner. It was something I purchased additionally, in fact I bought two.

Here is a very close up shot of the bookmark. I like that it can be removed and placed in any needed location throughout the planner. I will probably buy a couple more to place in other parts of the planner.

Here is the actual lesson planning section. The planning pages are a week-at-a-glance and are divided into 7 subject columns and 5 day rows. There are plenty of weeks and in fact I will have a few extra. 

A great place to take notes during meetings, and In-services

In addition to these pages there are a couple year-at-a-glance pages to record breaks, holidays, conferences and things of that nature. Additionally, there is a birthday page where you can list all your student birthdays. There is a substitute page too and a helpful information page for you the teacher.

Now for the rest of the planner...

There are two pages of stickers with common events already labeled on them! As you can see here I've already started getting things placed in my planner for the year. Additionally, there are two more pages of blank stickers in case you need to 'make' your own labels.

I really like this two-sided folder, toward the back of the planner. It's great for papers you get at meetings and other papers you want to actually store within the planner.

This is just inside the back cover and it is perfect to hold small items like business cards, notes from parents, adhesive labels...

The pen holder adhesive that I placed on the back cover. 
Here are the pens I ordered. Yes I'm the planning type that likes to color code:).

So far I am incredibly thrilled with the planner. My goal is to have one primary place where I keep my grades, logs, and plans. In the past I've had separate notebooks and binders. My teaching situation is somewhat unique in that I teach part time but I teach two different elementary grade levels in different classrooms. So to combat the confusion that can in-evitabely happen if I'm not organized I'm really hopeful that this planner will do the trick. I'll keep you posted.

Here are links to the website, although you can see the website address on several of the pictures.:)
Teacher Lesson Planners
Regular daily planner (which you KNOW I have my eye on)- Life Planner

Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!


  1. I have been looking for something super cute like this for my Teacher's Notebook!!! Thank you so much for sharing :D

  2. Wow - that is a teacher's dream!! I'm not in the classroom anymore but I'm trying to figure out how I need one of those! LOL!!
    And I also always color coded....lesson plans, gradebook, oh how I loved shopping for new pens and stuff at the beginning of school!