Monday, July 9, 2012

R's 8th Birthday

About a month ago Mountain Man and I decided to put together R's first really big birthday party, with friends, party favors, decorations, games and an elaborate cake. We typically keep holidays pretty low key. We tend to not have many people over (just family and close friends who are family) and we keep the the gift wish list small. With it being his 8th birthday this year and little H's 5th we decided that this year we'd go a little 'bigger' on birthday parties.   Since R is now 8, the years of at home simple-themed birthdays are probably starting to fade.

While scrolling through pinterest I saw this tablescape and was given some inspiration.

So with the brilliant minds of my mom and sister to help brainstorm we put our own spin on the theme for our fun-loving son's birthday!

As you can see primary colors were still the plan. I wanted something relatively in-expensive to decorate and also something festive and fun. To the right you can see some old fashioned lollipops. My mom got them for us at the  Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. Each child selected one when they left, and to display them I placed crumbled up tissue paper in a vase and stuffed the lollipops amongst the paper. The effect was a bouquet of candy.

Here is the cake table with R's favorite candy bar to the left. At other strategic places around the living room and kitchen we placed some of R's favorite snacks. Things like, pretzels, watermelon, grapes, carrots, kid sized cans of sprite and cheese puffs.

I found these free printable labels here. Instead of buying a bunch of cheap toys that are either lost or broken within a day I bought all the kids gum balls for their party favors. Also, as I already said, they each picked out a lollipop when they left too.

My sister is a cake genius and duplicated a cake that I found online. As you can see we used the lollipops and the gum balls to tie it all together.

For hanging decorations I bought different patterned scrap paper that coordinated with the colors. I simply cut the paper into pennant triangles and hung it with twine. 

Additionally, right in the middle of the pennant I bought three beach balls from the Dollar Store and hung them together like a mini chandllier. Sorry I didn't catch a picture but this is what it looked like essentially.

Several adults hung around for the party so I decided to not just have kiddie drinks. I made a couple flavored waters and some lemonade. It was the first time I had ever tried making flavored water and it was delicious, I highly recommend it. You can find some great flavor suggestions here.

To keep with the bright summer colors for our theme. The kids all headed out to the back yard for a massive watergun fight and sprinkler running. And then to finish things off we had a pinata waiting in the garage.

It was a really fun summer birthday party for our little man and probably the last one we'll be able to get by with at home and with such a simple theme.

Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!

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