Friday, July 20, 2012


I've spent quite a bit of time refreshing my heart and mind for the upcoming school year and the classes of little ones I will be given.  One of the most surprising ways I've done this has been through pinterest. I've spent so much time being inspired by the 'education' boards and I've sifted through pin after pin.  In doing so I've stumbled upon a couple gems and have gained some WONDERFUL ideas and free printables to freshen up my classroom walls and my lesson planning. 

If you look to your right you'll see three new blogs added to my reader:
1)The nesting effect- a blog written by a teacher primarily about home life organization. She has written quite a bit about teaching and her classroom as well.

2) The learning effect- a blog by the same author as "The nesting effect" and is strictly dedicated to her classroom life

3) Pink Pistachio- This is just a fun lifestyle blog. I love the authors transparency, style and lifestyle tips.  I'm especially appreciating her hair suggestions and tutorials as I am determined to grow out and have long hair.

I can't believe the summer is almost over! Somehow my family has managed to keep things really low-key this year. Sadly, we haven't camped in the glorious mountains at all this summer. At first, we just simply wanted to lay low but then wild fires ravaged the area right outside our city late last month, and they continue to blaze all over CO, we are thankful for the simplicity of togetherness at home.

However, we are currently gearing up for a little travel to see family. R's big birthday milestone continues as he, Mountain Man and Grandpa (Mountain Man's Dad) head up to the north woods for some male bonding. MM bought R his first pocket knife which he will present to him on night one in the woods. The three of them will spend several days backpacking and canoeing in the beautiful Northern part of our country. I'm so excited for our little wilderness, animal loving, boy and I'm even a little jealous wishing I could go too. H and I bought him a special journal to draw pictures and write about all his adventures. 

In the meantime H and I will be spending some quality time with Grandma, Aunt, and Cousins . We will bake "Pinkalicious" cupcakes, scrapbook, garden, playing in the sandbox, sprinkler run, shop, go see butterflies, have a teddy bear tea party and watch plenty of princess movies. 

Overall Mountain Man and I are so looking forward to quality family time and a little change of pace.

Once we return it'll be full speed ahead with school countdowns and school supply shopping.

Additionally I'm unbelievably excited about a little something I 'splurged' on.  Its a real treat for someone with my temperament and wanting to have everything 'just so' in my teacher brain. 
That's right it's a teacher planner. But this sucker has EVERYTHING. I teach two grade levels in two different classrooms and am forever carting multiple planning binders, as well as a separate calendar for appointments and meetings. My hope is that with the beefiness of this planner I can leave the binders in my perspective classrooms and just transport this. As many people have reviewed and said in other blogs, this planner is pricey (it starts at $50) but in my situation I feel it will really help keep me on track. Plus the personalization on the cover as well as the 152 pages inside make it worth a shot this year.
I am really anxious to get it in the mail and start digging in. I promise to take photos as the website lacks thorough detail shots and when I image search this planner I only get a handful. 

Thanks for re-capping the past few weeks with me. My present is catching up though and that means laundry and dusting off suitcases. 

Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!

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