Thursday, June 14, 2012


Outside my window birds are singing and I'm up early (well for the summer anyway).

I'm listening to the bathroom fan trying to help keep my sweet little H asleep for. a. little. longer. Also, my son is WIDE awake and doing a puzzle. I'm right here on the couch sipping coffee.

I'm so grateful for family and the ability to feel connected to those that aren't physically close through the use of technology. 

I am reading The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas, all 1200+ pages of it. It was translated directly from the original French to modern English in 1996 and I'm really grateful because it's excellent! The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller. Hopefully Mountain Man and I will read this pseudo together with me reading sections aloud. I just read the introduction last night and I'm excited to read more.

In the garden we are maintaining and managing what we have. It keeps me pretty busy as I break the yard into sections to either weed or prune each week. 

What we are learning:
R: It's the summer so I am content letting him review his math and continue reading. We have daily (well almost) time to work. I've been pretty relaxed with this and am really wanting him to take a break this summer and just be a kid. Yesterday afternoon he did puzzles, drew, and read books until dinner so I was pretty happy. So far this summer he's read some Magic Tree House and we work together through the Berenstain Bears, both the kids LOVE this series.
H: With this little missy entering Kindergarten in the fall we are casually reviewing concepts too. We are working on letters, uppercase and lower, as well as basic math sentences. She is also figuring out that rolling her eyes, sighing and being sassy do not fly with her mom and dad. 
MM: Patience. He tore or partially tore his hamstring about a month ago and is now receiving physical therapy. He's having to take it easy athletically which is hard during the summer. 
Me: Consistency. I have a habit of making short term changes that are really wonderful and healthy but turning them in to long term habits is and has always been a struggle for me.  Lately I've found myself desiring refinement in several areas and have made changes. Now I'm working to put them into practice for the longterm and see the fruit of my efforts.

One of my favorite things is family game night. I love when we all sit together and play a game or do a puzzle. It's such a blessing to feel the joy of the kids beaming at Mountain Man and I as they are enjoying the simple pleasure of family. 

From the Kitchen:
We are eating salads often these days. Usually in the summer we amp up our fresh/raw food in take, with smoothies, salads, roasted veggies... Fresh fruits and veggies are a bit pricier in the mountains as opposed to say the mid-west (where we are both from) so when things are in season we enjoy the bounty.

Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!

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