Sunday, May 20, 2012

Moms and Sisters

My Mom and Sister live minutes from my house. I have the joy of 'living' every day life with them for the past several months. Up until about a year ago my family lived in our current location solo of any immediate relatives. So its been refreshing and exhilerating having family close.

Last weekend on Mother's Day I ran my first 10k, well it was actually 9.9km so I'm rounding up. :) My sweet husband, kids and mom came and cheered for me while I ran the longest distance I've ever run in an organized event. It was so much fun enjoying the accomplishment as a family and I will cherish the special memories of having my 7 year old hop the fence and run the last 200 yards with his teary-eyed momma, as well as my 4 year old cheering for me with a sign she helped make. It warmed my heart to be so supported last week and I hope that everyone reading this who is also a mom felt the same way on Mother's Day.
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A few days ago I got together with my sister and helped her spruce up her front porch. She had all the ideas and I just came along for the fun and the occasional offerring of my opinion. My sister is a crafting genius! If she invisions something she'll either make it or go find the item used and spruce it up. As you can see she 'up-cycled' coffee cans and is now using their crisp shimmer to decorate her front porch, brilliant! So we enjoyed a day of gardening, and preparing her curb and front porch for some company this weekend. She's in the midst of a very demanding show right now so I know the change of pace was really refreshing for her. After my day with her I not only felt inspired but I wanted to head out to my front porch with some fresh flowers! As you faithful readers know, I live in Colorado so planting anything that stays outdoors permanently shouldn't really happen until Memorial Day or June 1st.

Here are some photos from our day together!

When I arrived home I found this bloom had finally opened. I don't know much about Columbine, does anyone know if they will bloom again this summer?
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We have four days left of school and we're all looking forward to some lazy summer days. It is bittersweet though saying goodbye to the students and families I've served this year. I'm putting the finishing touches on report cards and our final days together and I know I will miss their smiles and hugs each day. This summer, I intend to pay some much needed attention to a few rooms in my house and to spend as much time outside as I can. One of the wonderful things you can expect from me is more blog posts. I hope to write more and more about what beauty inspires me over the next few months and in turn I hope it inspires you!

Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!

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