Saturday, April 21, 2012

Just for fun

Recently I did a photo shoot with my sister. She is performing in Hairspray this Spring and is cast as Amber! Additionally she has just updated her website. Her instinct for poses and expressions is so fun to photograph! I hope you have as much fun viewing these as I did.













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Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!

Friday, April 6, 2012

The grass only gets greener...

Last night, on my favorite night of the week, I giggled and laughed too loudly for my own good with three other people and was overwhelmed by the feeling of community. It happened, a true sense of belonging. The 'pressing-in', 'being intentional' and genuinely being me was met with the same from others, it is a sweet gift.
It takes time to feel this sense of belonging and I've had so many conversations with Mountain Man about how sometimes even after 5 years in the same place a person can feel alone. He and some other dear friends have challenged me to dig in, not give up and be myself. Because in this sense, community is built not stumbled upon.
Maybe this lesson is heightened having just finished reading a series of books that includes the valuable theme of LIFE. Really though, it's a solid reminder that the hearts of those around me are worth knowing, they are beautiful, and they are in my life to be just that, LIFE. And while 'The Social Network' is a fun thing to be a part of it doesn't replace good, hearty laughter with new friends

Last night, on my favorite night of the week, I and a group of 200 people were not only promised one raisin each but we were challenged to quiet our hearts and minds this weekend in preparation for the beautiful gift of Freedom. It rises up everyday, with Triumpant Glory, but collectively we pause on Sunday to breathe deep this gift given to the most unworthy. He has come to give LIFE and give LIFE to the fullest. As I begin the quieting and stillness I'm awakened to the richness and fullness of what's already been given.

For this kind of LIFE to be felt, given, recieved, and cherished it needs to be cultivated. It should be tended to.
I heard it once said like this: 'The only way the grass will get greener is if you water it.'

I'm putting my watering can away and getting my hose.

Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!