Friday, March 2, 2012


I wrote the date yesterday and was pretty weirded out about it...March'd it get here so fast?

Outside my window:
It's snowing...and in 2 days it'll be in the 60's for a few days. We love the Rocky Mt's in March.

I am listening to:
I'm 'shuffling' Taylor Swift right now. I've probably listened to all three of her albums two dozen times but EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I do a marathon listen like this (she's been on all evening) a line or a song stands out that really gets me thinking or takes me back to three special summers over a decade ago. Thanks for being genuine Tay Tay and singing your little-diary-writing-heart-out. You Rock.

I am so grateful for:
Being romanced. God is great...and so is my husband.

I am reading:
"A Life Well Lived" By Charles Swindoll. He's one of my consistently favorite authors. This book is short 4 chapters. The entire thing is written about Micah 6:8. I wrote this down a couple days ago and have been chewing on it ever since:
"Humility chooses to receive what is provided rather than take what is demanded." And also this:"Humility welcomes criticism and willingly accepts responsibility for moral faults and human flaws. It seeks to learn from accusations, even unjust ones. Humility responds to failure with a sincere desire to grow and sees itself as perpetually needy of divine forgiveness and empowerment."
Yeah. I know, heart-changingly good. Wonderful words full of some lofty lessons for a 'make things happen' personality type like mine.

In the garden:
We didn't water the grass last month. I have very good reasons for this. Illness. Wind that pretty much knocked our fence down. Any time it was warm enough there was still snow on the ground. Here's hoping for Sunday and 60 degrees.

What we are learning:
R: He's memorizing things for school right now. He can recite the first several lines of the Declaration of the Independence and his class is working on some patriotic poems. Also, he is working on memorizing a bible verse each week. So, he is continuing to develop his habit of hard work even when its...well...hard.
H: She got in trouble for the first time in school this week. Something about pretend fighting with a classmate. Well, I'll figure out what I need to do about Peter Pan and Captain Hook battles at home later, but for now we are working on continuing to develop 'school-life' behavior in her.
Me: Well up-ing the workout regime to three times a week didn't really happen in Feb. So sorta on a whim (although I had been thinking about it on and off for a few weeks) I registered for a 9k race (Thats just about 6 miles in distance) on Mother's Day. I'm competitive enough to not want to make a complete fool of myself, so that's incentive enough to atleast be able to run the whole darn thing. Currently I'm working out the balance of the whole; working-mom trying to live an active lifestyle post two babies who are now busy children thing. Also the thought of wearing shorts above my knees this summer is another goal, looking forward to having leg muscles again.
Mountain Man: Well in a step of simaltaneous insanity and total logic he applied to a masters program and was accepted. He begins his masters program the end of this month. It's a fluid, constantly churning online program so they are always adding new students. Oh and he just got new glasses which add to his altogether handsomeness and make my heart smile every time I see him.

One of my favorite things:

Need I say more.

From the Kitchen:
I posted about this last week but, Pinterest has been a crazy life saver in the menu planning department. This weekend we are going to be attemping lettuce wraps and crab rangoons. I don't really like frying food so I'm a little anxious, but Mountain Man is stoked and game for helping so I'll stick him on frying duty.

Have a fabulous weekend dear readers. I gotta go get me some leg muscles!

Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!

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