Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Risk Worth Taking

Mountain Man and I don't really make a big deal out of Valentine's Day. We do typically do a little something for each other. And this year it involved an espresso maker for him and a certain movie for me. Also I was home sick this year too and sweet man that he is...he took the day off to stay home with me :).

Last week, I started writing down the way in which my Mountain Man and I met. Like every love story ours is very special. And we have a bunch of intricate details to our story that make it really special to me. So last week I realized that some of those details, after almost 12 total years together, are getting fuzzy and so I began writing. In the process of collecting my thoughts on our story and then in the process of beginning to tell our story in words I realized something, we were REALLY young. When we met I was 17 and he was 20. When we got married I was 20 he was 23. And any more, falling in love and getting married when you are a freshly minted 20 year old just isn't all that common. And what's even more uncommon is going strong darn near 9 years later.

Love happens when it happens. For me, I met and fell in love with my life's partner at 17. I am realizing that it was my being young and his being young that made, and continues to make, what we have so ordained and special. For he and I, our youth played a HUGE part in our story. It doesn't for everyone but for us it does. In most ways we've grown in to the adults that we are, together. Through the process our bond is stronger than it would have been otherwise.

Looking back at how all our intricate details played out I have begun to tell people that they should grasp the gifts of LIFE with white-fisted knuckles when the gifts come. For some things and often times as an adult it's most things; age really is just a number.

I'm on the backside of my 20's now and I will tell you adventuring through the past decade with my Mountain Man has been the greatest joy of my life...and I dare to was BECAUSE I chose to risk my 20's on marriage, that my life has been full, rich, challenging, heart-wrenching, engaging, and overwhelmingly joyful.
For me it was a risk worth taking.

Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!

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  1. Beautiful! God knows every love story's timeline! For The International Man of Intrigue and me it was the opposite. We met when we were 18 or 19 but didn't start dating until our mid twenties and married at 27. Had we dated at 18 and 19, I know we would have broken up and wouldn't have our love story.