Sunday, January 15, 2012


Outside My Window:
Its unseasonably warm for this time of year, its overcast and in the 50's.

I am listening to:
A new album by Hillsong called 'A Beautiful Exchange' its been out a while and we just realized it :).

I am so grateful for:
My job. I love what I get to do on a regular basis. I teach k and 1st grade 20ish hours a week its one of the best things I get to do.

I am reading:
Christy by Catherine Marshall

In the garden:
Nada, savoring the calm before spring hits and we are hedging/weeding/ and pruning in preparation for the summer months. Although we are considering digging out some bushes before the growing season starts up again.

What we are learning:
H:She just started going to a new Pre-Kindergarten, its much more academic than where she was previously so she's adjusting to some academic expectations.
R:Responsiblity, taking care of the things he has and being 'in charge' of his stuff.
Me: Dedication. I have been working out again on a very regular basis and while I'm loving that I'm feeling better I know that I need to maintain dedication and keep at it.
Mountain Man: He is taking a nice long deep breath right now, he just finished doing an online school program that has taken him a few years. He's going to need to learn how to fill his time with normal things now.

One of my favorite things:
My shop vac. I used it to vacuum out my car yesterday, it was so nice, no more spending 5 bucks in quarters at the carwash! Then after MM swept out the garage I vacuumed all the corners of cobwebs and leaves. If you don't have one you should totally invest, its made life so much easier and its just so dang handy!

H this week:
Having started at a new school, she's meeting friends, getting to know her teacher and adjusting to a somewhat new schedule. She is having fun and really likes going to her new classroom each day.

R this week:
R is starting a sports clinic this week, he will be learning the basics of multiple sports throughout the coming weeks.
Here he is taking a break from his 'hero' work. Thanks Aunt L for making this cape!
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From the Kitchen:
We're big fans of banana's around her. So typically each week I have a few that don't make it into our stomachs and they ripen enough for me to muffins. Additionally we've been eating tons of soups, and this week we tried a Russian styled soup, it had dill and potatoes and mushrooms in a creamy was pretty good.
We also made some tortilla soup this week.

Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!

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