Sunday, January 22, 2012

People think I'm organized...but the truth is

I'm not! Organization is something I really have to work on. It just so happens that I, like many people I know really, love when something functions with organization.
Last winter when I was doing some self seeking and learning about myself I realized that I am in fact by nature VERY unorganized. I was wondering why I was so stressed out all the time. Well, its because I was trying to live a life that functioned with organization ALL THE TIME and it was EXHAUSTING me. Now what I did realize is that I really like order. I love it when things work the right way or function correctly. So a natural by-product of this desire for order was and still is organization. Now that I know that I'm really not all that organized of a person I'm really embracing the sides of myself that love relaxing, spending an entire weekend with no to-do list what so ever, and allowing me to waste hours upon hours stirring my creative juices on things like (oh yeah, I have joined the throng of half the planet).

So now that I'm working four days a week, I've realized that house maintenance in general has fallen by the way side. Mountain Man and I were spending pretty much the entire day on Sunday cleaning. We'd return from church to find all sorts of things mounting up. So last week the main man and I sat down at the kitchen table and put together a little schedule. To allow me to embrace the relaxing, spur of the moment side of myself on the weekend. I did this years ago except that I followed something more specifically here. Well now we simply made a schedule and just listed a few simple chores each day amounting to the fact that all I need to do on the weekend is bigger projects that Mountain Man can help me with or this relaxing phenomenon that seems to keep eluding me. Thus the entire house is clean by Saturday morning. I know that it sounds really simple, way too simple actually.

The schedule looks something like this:
Monday- Mop kitchen, tile entry, and fireplace hearth dust and vacuum main floor
Tuesday- do a laundry load of kitchen/cleaning towels, organize/straighten the kids homework/school-time baskets
Wednesday- Basement vacuum/dust, kids laundry (this amounts to about three loads)
Thursday- My laundry (two loads), errands, grocery store, work from home
Friday- Grocery run (yep I go to two stores each week) Kids thoroughly clean their room (which means I help/referee this activity),Vacuum bedrooms straighten the main floor, do a bi-weekly chore like bath towel, or bedsheets.

There you have it! Obviously we also do consistent maintenance like clean the kitchen, and also we clean 'right now things' like spilled gold fish, juice, water, potpourri. And if you are wondering where bathrooms and my Mountain Man's laundry are, he has volunteered to take over those chores each week.

Every household functions differently. The way ours functions is always a work in progress. I like things to be 'free flowing' without set rules or structures, but MM functions best when there is A LOT of structure, thus the compromise.
So you know what I did yesetrday...I was in the mood so I cooked all day for a little last minute dinner party we had. Then today I spent alot of time figuring out the glorious time waster that is pinterest, I know I know another shameless plug.

So as I'm going on year 9 of being married to my Mountain Man I know that there isn't one way to function a household this is just what we've found to work best of us...currently.

Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!

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  1. I still think you're way more organized then I will ever be! Thanks for being real though!