Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A few of my favorite things during the Holidays

I love lots of things. Like most people. Some of my favorite things during the Holidays are:

-A live tree- The smell far outweighs the issue of pine needles

-My shop-vac- Cleaning up the pine needles is fun now!

-Pandora- Three stations that have been really fun the past month: 'Amy Grant-Holiday', 'Mannheim Steamroller-Holiday', 'The Nutcracker Suite'

-Not having cable. We made the leap about a year ago and haven't looked back since. I love that the house is full of music, puzzles, and play. We watch movies still and have the internet and are contemplating Netflix but for now I just love that my kids day revolves around play and not what time the next show is on. (Although I will admit I really miss Food Network and all the sappy Hallmark Holiday movies)

-The smell of Cinnamon and Pine...Its probably my favorite smell combination.

-Mint Sugar Cookies- DIVINE!

-Two forecasted days of snow the week before Christmas

-Two weeks off from work/school.

-Three trashbags filled to overflowing the week before Christmas they have little pieces paper on them each labeled with something different. 'Trash,' 'Recycle', 'Give Away'

-Our nativity- It's the 'Willow' collection that pretty much everyone has but I love it so much. So simple and beautiful and impactful every time I look at it.

-Christmas Cards

-Little hands moving the wooden candy cane down the Advent Calendar, and R really understanding and knowing the date/days this year.

-My kids knowing the words to Silent Night this year

-Watching 'A White Christmas' while wrapping presents while having hot cocoa with Mint Schnapps (YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!)

-Our Christmas Dishes that we got for our 2nd Christmas I think...I love them and I love all the memories they hold.
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-The anticipation of the conclusion of a year and the beginning of another and the hope that it brings.

Merry Christmas!

Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!

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