Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DIY pine tree coasters

We like to have our Christmas Tree up ASAP after Thanksgiving. As a result it's pretty dried/dead by Christmas. So yesterday as we were looking at the wilting tree we decided to put it out of its misery and un-decorate it.

Mountain Man and I laughed as we drug it out to the drive way watching the mass of pine needles fall EVERYWHERE in the process. This year MM had decided to saw the branches off and just chop up the trunk into firewood but I had a special request before all the chopping/sawing ensued. But first I need to tell you how the idea came to me.

About three weeks ago, R came in from the garage after having played in the snow. In his hand he had a small wooden disk a little bigger than my palm. And I said... "Oh honey thats the end of the Christmas tree that Daddy had to saw off before we set it up, you can just set it down and I'll throw it away in a sec." (I said all this to him as I pointed at the bark around the trim of the disk and the saw marks on the actual piece of wood.

(Thanks H for being my model :) )
Then he set it on the table right next to me and was off in a flurry of sound effects that only boys can make, this time it was a race car. I got back to whatever pointless activity was consuming my time at the moment, probably facebook... And after a few minutes the little piece of wood caught my eye and I took a second look at it...as it was resting right next to my coffee cup.

I realized that it was perhaps the perfect size for a coaster. So I quickly tried it out in its new potential occupation and it was PERFECT!

I only had one though and decided to set it under a candle in the kitchen so that I'd be sure to not forget about it and tell my super handy husband as soon as I could. And you can probably figure out the rest.

Yesterday Mountain Man complied with my request and sawed another 8 disks off the bottom of our Balsam Fir tree trunk.





They were a little damp feeling from having been in essentially a bowl of water for a few weeks so we laid them out to dry on the mantle yesterday and last night. The very first one he sawed will take a few days but the other 7 are totally dry today and were ready for me to find a home for them. We will also probably use some kind of urethane on them in the next week to give them a protective liquid proof layer and help them last longer. I'm also debating writing something like Christmas Tree 2011 on the underside of each for nostalgia's sake. But for now I love how they add another 'bring the outside in' element to the house.

If you've ever been in my house you know that they will fit right in with our decor. And I'm so excited how they turned out! Thanks to my hubby taking the time and extra man power yeterday :).




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Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!

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  1. I love it. We have friends with a cabin in the mountains and all their coasters are urethaned coated pieces of different woods - all labeled underneath. (olive, fir, birch, etc.) They are pretty, functional, and a conversation piece. Have fun with your new craft!