Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Outside My Window:
Its cool and windy...leave are blowing everywhere.

I am listening to:
My 4 year old play

I am so grateful for:
Warm fires, friends, family, and the laughter of my kiddos.

I am reading:
uhh...nothing right now actually and I'm enjoying the break

In the garden:
I have pruned all the flowerbeds except for one. I am hoping to finish that one this weekend. We had someone come and measure the yard yesterday and its 2010 sq ft. And the perimeter of the fence as well as around the entire house is all landscaped, so there is quite a bit to maintain. And Mountain Man is allergic to most of the bushes so the task falls to me and the kids to weed, hedge, prune and mulch it all. So I tackle a section a weekend usually and I'm really looking forward to having it complete and to have a few months off.

What we are learning:
H:Being 4 she is working on being a little girl and not a toddler any more. Its hard especially when things don't her way.
R:Diligence the first time. Its a hard concept for a 7 year old to understand. Also we've begun regular chores around here with no allowance attached (for now)...We'll milk that as long as we can. :)
Me: I'm trying to have a general awareness of the affect I can and sometimes do have on others, as well as being sensitive to the life someone is living or something they are going through.
Mountain Man: He is preparing for a trip to the mountains in a few weeks, so that means getting up really early to work out so I have a feeling dedication is on his list of lessons right now.

One of my favorite things:
Oregon Chai, iced. Every day...it might be becoming a problem, I realize this, but its a wonderful beverage to chase away the mid-afternoon desire for a nap.

H this week:
She is getting over a cold and continues to work on going to school with a 'happy face' she would much rather snuggle on the couch with a snack...Really I would too.

R this week:
We will be reading reading reading! He reads to us for at least 10 minutes every night and has also started writing us notes, with words spelled out phonetically, its really sweet.

From the Kitchen:
We received a pumpkin this week in the farm share so we made our very first fresh pumpkin pie last night, it was really yummy!. Also I have started doing something in my slow cooker on Sundays. This allows me to take it easy Sunday night dinner prep which is really really nice.

Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!

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  1. Hi friend! I just found your blog...another way to get to know you better :)