Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Outside the window:
It's raining, and has been all day...That NEVER happens in our part of CO. It's very dry where we live and we're lucky if it rains a total of two hours each month let alone one day.

I am listening to:
The rain hitting my roof and the white noise from fans, my family is falling asleep I will be too...very soon.

I am so grateful for:

A kind word well spoken. Its been a challenging week on many fronts and just in the past 24 hours a wave of encouragement has come my way. It's humbling and refreshing all at the same time.

I am reading:
Pride and Prejudice, I can't seem to finish it, I keep getting interupted with another book that is library scheduled... I. Will. Finish. It.

In the garden:
Everything is winding down for the year. Our growing season is short. Today it hailed for about an hour (the hail was as large as peas at one point) so my salvia bushes, russian sage and a few others were plowed down. I just bought a beautiful rust colored mum for my front porch and its calling for a pumpkin to go by its side. Soon.

What we're learning:
H: How to write her name grammatically correct. Tip: If you have a preschooler teach them how to write their name grammatically correct and teach them how to write their given name not their nickname. You'll thank yourself when they start Kindergarten. She's learning phonograms, the alphabet, some poems, and other preschool math skills. I currently homeschool her for most of her academics.
R: The big dive for him in 1st gr this year, besides reading, is Math. He's learning the concepts of addition and math problems. He's also learning a major lesson in responsibility right now. I am unbelievably thankful for the classroom teacher he has this year, what an amazing educator!
Me: Humility, patience, peace, and submission to name a few...what a loaded week I've had
Mountain Man: He and I had good long talk about patience with the kids a few days ago, so I'm going with that.

One of my favorite things:
Good Earth 'Original' Tea. A.MAZ.ING
Another favorite thing: Meeting new friends that are life-giving

H this week:
She started ballet and is in sheer heaven for 45 minutes each week when she can dance to her little hearts content. She is pretty much every sense of adorable when she's in her outfit.

R this week:
He is becoming SUCH a hard worker. We do alot of indirect learning at home whenever we can. And he has been such a trooper this week doing a little extra math or language arts in the evenings. He's starting to hit his stride with our school year schedule and so that's been very nice. He actually woke up early this morning.

From the Kitchen:
We get a farmshare every Tuesday. And last week I made Sausage Kale Soup with the kale we received. Talk about incredible. It will be a frequent flyer for as long as we get kale in the veggie share. I'm making it this week so I'll take a blog worthy picture and post the recipe!

Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!

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