Sunday, September 4, 2011

A perfect conclusion

Lately, Mountain Man has been working on a few yummy things from the kitchen. Yesterday he tried his hand at making flatbread, which we then assembled into Indian Tacos. So delightful. You've got to try it. Frying the flatbread can be kinda messy so I would highly recommend you do it with a couple people. Sorry I don't have my husband on hand to give me the recipe but I'm sure you can google it if you want.

Then after the wonderful meal. We celebrated H's 4th birthday. It was with all the usual things like cupcakes, tutus and as much pink as we could fit into two hours. But after everything died down, at dusk we took a little walk to the park. My mom bought H four floating laterns. The pictures don't even come close to how special, beautiful and magical the conclusion to the celebration was. We shared four birthday blessings/prayers for her and she even helped some 'lift off'. They technically aren't fireworks and the cool night air helped the entire process and so everything went pretty smoothly and safely. It was altogether pretty amazing and I highly reccommend it! Great job mom!
Oh and sorry for the poor pictures, it was dark and my external flash wasn't handy so this was the best I could do what with the open flames and two children trying desperately to help.







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Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!

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