Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Season

A friend at work told me that this year she took the last picture of her kiddos together on her front porch on the first day of school. Her oldest is a senior this year and her younger one is a junior. I know its cheesy and I've sorta already been doing it. It sounded so refreshing and original to me though, what a great idea! I know its probably not an original one but how do us younger moms get great ideas if we don't glean from those that are in seasons farther along?

So here it is, R on his first day of first grade, and H getting ready to start preschool.


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So I'm hoping the idea sticks in my head and I continue to take the 'front porch' picture every year from now until I blink and R is a senior.

In other super busy news...
School has started for all of us. We're in the swing of the new schedule and are still getting used to a few things, like early mornings and all of us being out the door by about 7:15, the new carpool system at our school. And last of which is my schedule. I originally thought I'd be working 4 full days a week. But sadly I'm not. I work for a 'choice' homeschool partnership program and this year we changed a few enrollment requirements for the age group of students I teach, well as a result our numbers were WAY down and one of my classes had to be closed because there weren't enough students in it to justify the cost of having the additional class. So after re-grouping at work and at home we're still adjusting to my newest schedule.
Every day gets a little better and I'm confidant that by September things will be rolling smoothly.

One of the new things we've added to the schedule is my involvement in a choir. My kiddos get to play with some of their friends every Thursday night and I get to sing again! I sang classically for about 4 years while I was in college and then for another 4 at the church we attended. Since we moved to CO (4 1/2 years ago) I haven't done ANYTHING with music really, so its been a while I'm so excited to stretch the 'ol vocal chords.
I remember thinking a few years ago about forcing something like this to happen. I remember thinking 'I can make this work' if we do this with R and this with H I could make this work...
But there was always too many voices in my head telling me not to, not to mention a super patient husband, and boy am I glad I listened. Because right about the time I decided not to do it I'd see or find out the reason why. And I remember feeling in my gut that some day the season would arrive when I would feel complete freedom to sing again with a group.
So I guess all I have to say tonight is that I'm exhausted from the past 15 days of preparing for the new school year and getting the kids and daddy ready for me to be working again but I'm also unbelievably excited about THIS SEASON.

Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!

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