Monday, July 25, 2011

Living in LIGHT

I love taking pictures!!!
I love composing a photo such that others can see exactly what I see when I see it. I've been working with another photographer has her right hand for about 3 seasons (maybe a smidge more than that). And I'm FINALLY feeling like I'm beginning to understand the extent of what photography can offer my life. I invested in a modest DSLR camera and I've purchased a few different lens for it. It's absolutely one of the many favorite things in my life that allow me to really capture the beauty around me. Photos and their presentation are pretty important to me. So much so that I spent a pretty fair amount of time adjusting the template of this blog in order to present the pictures in a bit larger format, for your viewing pleasure of course. :)

Lately I've been able to confidently embrace light. It started to really click for me a few weeks ago on a trip to the mountains with my husband.

Here are my recent favorites with a description.

We happened on an authentic Nepleze restaurant that had prayer flags hanging outside along the rafters. So I snapped this one, but to me it just didn't do the light justice. And then the 'Ah Hah' moment. I could change the amount of light that entered my shutter by adjusting my ISO. So I upped it to 1600 and then:

Please note: I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER, I am probably a smidge above beginner, so if my photography lingo is not quite right I'm sorry. My goal is to simply offer little tidbits that have helped me become better at taking pictures of my life.

We sat down and waited expectantly for our authentic Tibetan yummy-ness and in my euphoria of light I took this one of my husband. This shot is cropped but I didn't do a thing with it, so its STRAIGHT OUT OF the CAMERA.

Then a few days ago. The kids and I picked some flowers out of our yard with the intension to set them on the newly placed kitchen table. We're gearing up for school to start soon and mommy going back to work...and a table in the kitchen is currently part of the master plan.
We set it all up and I took a few steps back to make sure everything was just right and then I was overwhelmed with the light. So I grabbed the camera and started playing with the ISO again. I just messed around with it until I was pleased with the product of just the picture itself. So these next ones are straight from the camera too, no touches. I love how sweetly the light trickles through the window and the curtains to silhouette the vase and flowers.

Back to the trip to the mountains. We happened upon mile and miles of wildflower meadows and so without even realizing it I wasn't just looking for shots to take I was looking for shots to take that had the right kind of lighting to do the subject justice. These photos ARE touched, I played up the shadows and colors of each to offer the best photo possible.


The millionth patch of wildflowers under the shadows of Aspens trees.

I know that these photos won't be any awards any time soon. But my goal was to capture what I saw at that moment. And finally starting to consciously think about light I was able to take a better photo that displayed the image that much more successfully. So if you enjoy taking pictures like me give yourself some opportunities to experiment with light. And I think you'll be amazed at what you come up with.

Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!

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