Friday, July 29, 2011

I Dont't Own a Taxi

Yesterday morning was challenging to say the least. We had vision appointments, swim lessons, and preschool registration all crammed into a morning. After they got us in to our vision appointment 15 minutes late and then after the initial exam and waiting for the Dr for 20 minutes I quickly realized we wouldn't make thing #2 on our schedule, swim lessons. And then after the Dr finally did come in I also quickly realized that, I'd have to leave husband and the kids at the dr's office so I could make my registration window at preschool (there were limited spots and it was first come first serve). Ugh... Welp, husband finished up with the kids before I was done at registration and so he had to walk them 1/4 mile to a restaurant for lunch. And then he just waited it out with them until I was done and could come get them.

We got through the morning and it was one for the memory books. As the stress of it all, and my resounding thankfulness that husband was with us, settled a bit. I had a couple realizations:

1) We're parents to young children now. With H entering preschool (and now getting glasses, I'm sure that'll be another post) and R starting first grade my kids are school age. We're well out of the baby stage and are definitely at peace, well okay I'll be honest very happy, about that. But now we're entering into what I think many moms and dads call the 'taxi driver' stage. And from what I can tell this season lasts several years. We instituted a family rule last spring, that R and H only do one extra curricular activity at a time. So over the next month they both start their special activity. R is doing soccer and H is doing dance. Also I'm going to get involved one weeknight a week at church just for some mommy time which I'm excited about. But overall I can't help but be a little nostalgic of what stage is now officially passing. The days of mid-morning play dates, library story times, afternoon nap time, spur of the moment park picnics and mom always has a snack and sippy cup in her purse (yes I can finally carry one now) days are fading pretty quickly into the background.

2) I have learned that within what is reasonable and realistic we are, in fact, in control of our schedule. Husband and I had a 're-group' discussion the other day as the schedule was starting to hit us full force and we concluded that we're going to have to consciously fight busy-ness fiercely. We will hopefully still maintain lazy (aka not super busy) summers, breaks, and weekends, but the main thing that we're realizing is that this non-busy lifestyle has to be intentional and BY DESIGN. We've kinda always known it but now with four active bodies in our household we're realizing that is just doesn't happen unless we consciously intend it to.

I'm ready for this stage now, I think it has something to do with how parents sorta grow with their kids and as they outgrow things so do we. We're embracing the transitions that are before us even though there will be some growing pains I'm sure its an exciting time nonetheless. And I'm saying it now, "I don't own a taxi!"

Well I better go, the kids have swim lessons and one of them has misplaced their new goggles.

Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!

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