Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Breaking the Cardinal Rule

We are t-minus 3 weeks away from school starting.
So today I did what any reasonable person would do and I began to sift through the next 20ish days and make a schedule in order to get EVERY OUNCE OF SUMMER LEFT out of the next 20ish days. I figured out when I had in-services, when R has his back to school night and first day of school, I figured out when H has daycare/preschool registration as well as her first day and I figured out when we'll need a babysitter. Not to mention that I need to make sure I remember to include soccer practice and dance for these little people. In the midst of all that chaos I slid in Mountain Man's work schedule.

When that was done I figured I'd just go for the gusto and plot out the school year on the calendar. I got on the school's website and printed off the calendar for R and the calendar for me. I have a different schedule than R, because my class's partner with homeschool families in a co-op sort of situation they only meet a few days a week, and R goes to school on a traditional daily schedule. In spite of that we both do go/work at the same school. The best way to ultimately describe it is that I work in a different department, the homeschooling one. Okay...anyhoo...
I pulled the wall calendar down and I grabbed my purse planner and then I printed off 10 monthly calendar sheets to place in my 'work' binder. And thus I was breaking one of the cardinal rules of using a planner, having multiple working calendars.

The reasons for this are several. Mountain man functions best with the calendar on the wall in the kitchen something he can reference and/or write his work schedule on, so that's the family calendar. I, like most mommies I know, typically need to reference my calendar when I'm out and about or having a playdate. I also have pages in the back of mine with important phone numbers, like dr's, school numbers, things like that. I have opted out of the glorious leather bound Franklin Covey set up for a simple spiral bound notebook planner b/c its small. I can move from bag to bag with ease and its not heavy either, weighing down my bag. Then not to be ignored my work binder needed a calendar for just work appointments. So In essence I suppose you could say that I have three working calendars with the following names; family, mommy, work.

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And yes that's a round blue pencil with a heart and butterfly design. Can you guess what grade I teach?

I printed a calender off of the internet and stuck it in my teaching binder.I teach with months in mind. I like thinking in terms of units and culminating events. So today I was able to start the teacher planning process by writing the milestones of the year down in my teaching calendar in addition to the breaks, inservices, and conferences, etc. This calendar proves precious to me while I'm at work because if a meeting comes up or a student wants to bring a treat for their birthday I can write it on the calendar as it gives me a longer scope to look at.

Now this entire system works really well for me provided that I do the following:
Keep up the maintenance of writing add-on events to the calendars (like if I have to go to school for an evening work event- it needs to written on all 3 calendars).
Communicate bout 'said' events to the hubby if they impact him.
And make sure hubby and I talk about and thoroughly understand the schedule.

I have suffered from the error of forgetting to not maintain the calendars and the result is two scrambling adults who have to figure out how to make it work in the spur of the moment and its not pretty.

Ultimately its not about what kind of calendar you use or in my freak-of-nature way, how many. I think what really matters is if you have found a way for your family to function at its best. So if your household functions with the ebb and flow of the school year, I wish you the best of luck over the next few weeks. I'm betting you may write a few things on your calendar too.

Til next time, remember to find beauty in your midst!


  1. What does it mean if I don't even have a calendar?! :)

  2. Lynda, I wish I didn't have to have a calendar. Our life is too crazy to function happily without one. I'm secretly super jealous of you. :)